Christian Leads Customer Service Center

Welcome to the new Christian Leads Advertising Cooperative.

We are the original source for Christian Leads for Vollara Distributors.

Since we began in 2002 we have produced 90,000+ exclusive leads for Ecoquest and now Vollara. Many of the top leaders in Vollara have used and recommended our leads over the past ten years.

In an attempt to offer better quality leads than ever before we are implementing a whole new system for 2013.

Our new advertisements and landing pages have been improved in several ways:
  • We've added a stronger emphasis on this being a Home Based Business vs just working from home, or getting a job from home.
  • We've found that because of Internet fraud and identity theft many good prospects are concerned with providing information about their credit rating or potential investment amounts so we have removed those questions from our forms. Our new forms will simply ask for the prospects name, email address, telephone number with a second confirmation, best time to call, and their time zone.
  • We've added a huge emphasis on prospects talking to you on the phone to help increase the number of prospects you actually connect with.
  • Our landing pages now mention green technology, air purification etc.
Here is a sample of one of our new Landing Pages

Here is a sample of some of our new Banner Ads
    These improvements in our landing pages, our banner ads and our text ads will produce fewer leads but better quality prospects. That means you don't have to make as many calls or sort through as many people to find good prospects.
    Instead of selling individual leads we offer a monthly advertising cooperative.

    Shares in the cooperative cost $105 for each monthly share. 

    You can order up to twenty shares per month. The advertising money will be pooled together and each participant will receive leads as they come in, on a round robin distribution system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q - How can I order shares?

    A - Click here to participate in our current rotation.

    Q - How many leads will I get per share?

    A - We guarantee that you will receive at least ten leads per share even if it takes longer than one month..

    Q - Can I still buy leads from the old program?

    A - Not at this time. We may offer both options in the future.

    Q - Are the leads distributed to more than one Vollara distributor or to people in other companies?

    A - NO! Our leads are totally exclusive.

    Q - Do you offer replacement leads?

    A - No. Since this is a cooperative we do not have individual leads to offer as replacements. 

    If you have any additional questions please email me directly at I am personally going to provide direct support for this program and I will do everything I can to make this the best lead source possible and I'm available to help you in any way I can.

    May God Bless you, your family, and your entire Vollara team in 2013.


    Bruce Cadle